Prepare   Food  Safely  And Efficiently With The 10 Pieces  Dessini Cookware Set, Made from Die Casting Aluminum, Marble Coating Interior, And Induction.      

 Product Features:
* Eco-Friendly , healthy and easy for clean.

* High class non-stick performance anti scratch.

* Fashionable type suit for all kitchens and family.

* Ceramic or Nonstick interior coating.

* Die-cast coating.

* Heavy gauge aluminum is super conductive for even heat distribution.

* Easy clean exterior.

* Bakelite handles.

* Transparent lids with steam outlet holes.

* Non-reactive to acid and alkaline food

* Suitable for gas , infrared and induction cooker.

* More uniform heat and more energy saving.

Owing to fast heat transmission, our cookware can fry, cook and roast foods with little oil or without oil, no oil-carbonizing or sticking, which complies people’s traditional idea to cook food with cast cookware and makes people more healthy. Both the external and internal layers of the cookware are sprayed with a ceramic coat, which is sanitary and washable. The coat is an international certified famous product, which is safe, reliable and durable rending a long service life. The glass-lid is safe, transparent, heat-resistant, beautiful and able to be directly put into the stove.



Model Name
  • Non-Stick Die Cast Cookware set - 5 set
Model Number
  • Original
Sales Package
  • 5x casserole (20cm + 24cm + 28cm +28cm + 32cm) + 5x Full Glass Lid
Dishwasher Safe
  • Yes
Lid Included
  • Yes
Handle Included
  • Yes

                 2.5 L, 4.5 L, 6.5 L, 4.0 L,9. 0  

  • 20 cm, 24 cm, 28 cm, 28 cm, 32c


– Use oil when cooking for the first time to extend the life of the coating.
– Always pay attention when pre-heating to prevent overheating and fire.
– Do not store salty food in cookware to prevent damage.
– Using low to medium flame will gain better cooking results.
  – Although the coating is very durable, use with care when using metal or sharp tools on product.                                            
– Do not use the lid while cooking in the oven.
– Always keep cookware clean when not in use.

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