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"This neck relief device might be the most amazing invention in 2020"

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Neck Pain Relief

Struggling with the wear and tear of your daily routine? When your neck is sore, everything suffers because of it.

How many times have the regular aches and pains linked to your daily routine ruin your day?

How many times have those little niggling aches that run through your body - especially your neck - leave you irritable and downright miserable?

How many times have the neck pains make you such a tough person to be around that you always rub people the wrong way?

How many times have the neck pains make you less productive?

More often than not, neck pain gets progressively worse, and can lead to a whole host of severe consequences to your physical and mental health, such as headaches, discomfort, and stiffness.

Neck soreness make life UNBEARABLE!

To relieve the neck pain, you can go and see doctors or chiropractors hoping they will solve this problem. However, you should also look for an alternate method that works, without costing you too much money and time, without pills as medicines always have side effects.

Above all things, this method should be effective, and easy to use.

The good thing is that there is a revolutionary new gadget that can effectively alleviate the pain you experience daily - so that you can live a more productive, more fulfilling, less stressful, and MUCH more comfortable life.

It's called NeckFix, a proven device to alleviate neck pain, fatigue, and sorenes. It uses the latest electromagnetic technology that easily slips around your neck and provides you with a relaxing, top-shelf massage.

Don’t Let Neck Pain Hold You Back Any Longer

The NeckFix helps promote better alignment and circulation by targeting and relieving the pressure points in and around your neck.

It not only relaxes your cervical muscles, but also relieves muscle knots and tension, improve blood circulation, and stops one of the causes of unnecessary headaches by alleviating neck pain at its source.

Neck Relax helps you take control of your pain, so you can focus on the things that matter. Your muscle pain will melt away, leaving you with more energy, flexibility and confidence than ever before.

Is NeckFix Right For You?

The NeckFix was designed for optimal comfort and ease of use. Not only does it work to give you a deep tissue massage, but it is also designed so you can use it comfortably lying down or seated in any position.

It targets a wider area of your neck, allowing you to use your neck muscles freely with less discomfort. So, it doesn't matter whether you're driving, riding in a car, lying in bed, reading a book, or watching TV - it is designed to work anywhere you need it to.

The Neck Fix offers 6 different modes to ensure you get the right kind of relief perfectly suited to the pain or discomfort you are feeling.

These modes include

  •  Infrared Heat. This mode allows infrared heat to penetrate deep into your neck muscle tissue for a deeply satisfying experience that promotes circulation and blood flow.
  • Ultrasound Vibration. This mode uses high-frequency vibration to massage and loosen up muscle tissue.
  • Electrode Massage. This device comes with electrode pads so you can apply them to the specific areas you want to focus on for pain relief.

Thousands of people like you are enjoying the rare relaxation with the help of NeckFix...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to apply the gel to the pads?

  • I bought this for my husband and he uses water most times to apply to the pads. Seems to work fine for him and he lives the massager as it gives him relief

Does it come with the instruction manual?

Yes, the user manual is very helpful.

Can I know if the device is fully charged ?

Yes, the red light flashes during charging and keeps on when fully charged.

I had a fusion and have titanium in my neck, can I still use this?

Don't use if you have any form of metal in your body


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