Introducing The Most Accurate Automatic BP Monitor For Home Use With Large LCD Display   

Thanks to the superior chip. Now you can MEASURE and MONITOR your Blood Pressure & Heart Rate from the Comfort of your Room, Office and and so on. You don't have to rush down to the Hospital each time to check your Blood Pressure. That Era is Over.!!! 


*Easy to read large LCD display.

*With Double Memory Lookup Function, and it can store 99 set of measurements for each person to remember the normal status of blood pressure.

*The device has the average of the last three display function.

*kPa and mmHg display switching and measurement functions.

*Clock function: year, month ,day ,hour, minute setting.

*Low Battery Display.

*Overpressure protection function: The device will exhaust fast automatically if the pressure is more than 300mmHg.

*Automatically shutdown in one minute with no operation.

*Heartbeat prompting voice.

*Measurement completed prompting voice.

*Incorrect prompting function.

*With USB interface to charge.

How to use it???

1.Wrap the cuff around your upper left arm.

2.You should be able to fit 2 fingers between your arm and the cuff.

3.Make sure the cuff lies about 2 or 3cm above the elbow.

4.Calm down and select your User ID(P1 or P2),press the ON/OFF button.


1: The blood pressure is different throughout the day due to weather, emotion, exercise and other various factors. For maximum accuracy you can use the option to average your last 3 readings.

3: Strenuous exercise, smoking or drinking stimulants/ depressants (for example, coffee or alcohol) is NOT ALLOWED before measurement.

4: It should be measured at least TWICE each time at an interval of five minutes; longer time interval might be needed for different personal health status.

5: Arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis patients should be measured by medical staff for professional diagnosis.

1. It uses a voice function to tell your readings.

2. It is easy to operate, even for illiterates, the blind or the elderly. Just put on the cuffs, press a button and it does the rest for you

3. This BP monitor has a memory😊 Yes 2 people using it can store up to 99 BP readings each. Thus you or your doctor can easily make health care decisions concerning your health.

4. This is an upper arm BP monitor. It gives more accurate readings than the wrist BP monitors as the arm is closer to the heart.

5. This monitor comes with the biggest sized cuffs to cater to people on the big side.  

Hypertension is a major killer disease- a silent killer. Always knowing your blood pressure prevents most strokes, heart attacks and sudden deaths

We don't want you and your loved❤ ones to be some sad statistics, so we present you this wonderful upper arm BP monitor , just for #20, 000


We want you to grow old in good health with your loved ones.

Hurry while stock last. Buy for yourself, aged parents and loved ones.

Every adult need this,

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One(1)Blood Pressure Monitor Cost N18,000 ONLY Instead of N30, 000

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